NEW Blood Pudding Press poetry chapbook!

The NEWEST (and first of 2012) Blood Pudding Press poetry chapbook is writhing and undulating with peculiar poetic morsels.

It's spooky, strange, nightmare-ish innards offer idioglossia's (individual and collaborative) from Kelly Boyker, Margaret Bashaar,  Daniel M. Shapiro, Jessy Randall, Suzanne Grazyna, Kathy Burkett, Douglas Burkett, PoetJoe H. Gallagher, Juliet Cook, and Michael Smith.

33 poems in a ghostly blood bath of Blood Pudding.

Find out more & buy one within the Blood Pudding Press etsy shop here:


Oozing like the innards of questionable pulsating desserts!


a private form of speech invented by one child or by children who are in close contact, as twins.
a pathological condition characterized by speech so distorted as to be unintelligible. 

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