Happy May! Here's a New Thirteen Myna Birds Monster!

A new Thirteen Myna Birds is alive and oozing! A sluice box brimming with real life horror combined with strange fairy tales and violently peculiar dreams. A hybrid of poetry and short fiction, fantasy and reality, this flock is filled with odd desire, despair, rampant frustration and self-created power by Paul David Adkins, David Hutt, Susan Yount, Roberta Chloe Verdant, Nynlil Shain, Zolt├ín Komor, Holly Day, Kenyatta Jean-Paul Garcia, Stephanie Kaylor and Jeremiah Walton.

hanging on the column - stuff pouring out of the top - wires are a nervous system - blood oozes out from the clouds - flowers bury heads in ground - slip in pores where skin desires - lips like ruby-glitter, eyes like smoking coals - arms outstretched in supplication, begging - a red fish flesh boat - a toy alive - tiny enemy soldiers hiding in the sugar bowl - gnarled dark places - the monsters grow bigger and bigger and bigger - everything freezes, even the beating of my heart - the moon fell down


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