NEW Review of the Blood Pudding Press poetry chapbook, Stick Up by Paul David Adkins

"'Round and 'round we go between these speakers as this literary Russian roulette of a merry-go-round ride spins us out of control and into this depraved and very human moment where there is no clear-cut victim or hero."

From a new review of the Blood Pudding Press contest winning poetry chapbook, "Stick Up" by Paul David Adkins!

Thank you very much to A.J. Huffman and Sein Und Werden!

Read the review in its entirety here -http://www.kissthewitch.co.uk/seinundwerden/stick_up.html

And then consider purchasing Adkins' chapbook here -https://www.etsy.com/listing/188110107/new-stick-up-by-paul-david-adkins-2014?ref=shop_home_active_3

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