Buy Hand Made Non-Commercial Treats for the Holidays (and consider entering the Blood Pudding Press chapbook contest)

Hey there poetry/art/creative peeps, remember to buy non-commercial, self-created, hand-made, unique items on Black Friday (and before and after), for the holiday season and beyond, including for more non-mainstream special occasions you create yourself.

Take a peek at the Blood Pudding Press shop for poetry chapbooks, other pieces of one-of-a-kind art, and other artsy ephemera -http://www.etsy.com/shop/BloodPuddingPress

While you're visiting etsy, take a look at oodles of other shops too.

And while I'm speaking of Blood Pudding Press and chapbooks, I shall also mention again that Blood Pudding Press is currently accepting poetry chapbook submissions, looking for two winning poetry collections to be published next year!

Find out more details about the chapbook contest, here -http://bloodyooze.blogspot.com/2014/11/blood-pudding-press-is-now-accepting.html

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