New Review of House on Fire

An amazing new review of "House on Fire", Susan Yount's 2014 contest winning Blood Pudding Press poetry chapbook, thank you to AJ Huffman and Sein und Werden!
"House on Fire, a 25-page chapbook by Susan Yount, is a verbal mixture of pastoral imagery and apocalyptic Armageddon bombs. Yount has created a modern, almost Wizard of Oz feeling that takes us way beyond Kansas in this simplistically powerful, yet emotionally intense collection of poetry.
The visceral portrait of everyday horrors juxtaposed against the speaker's personal horrors, the kind of horrors that prefer to remain hidden behind closed doors, hang like a tornado-ready to consume everything in their path at any moment. Readers are immediately swept up in the storm, our hearts and minds twisted with empathy and outrage at the scenes before us."

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