Before July ends a NEW Thirteen Myna Birds begins!

From Thirteen all the way down to Zero, Thirteen Myna Birds is all up & down with new poems by MeLaina Elise Ramos, Martin Willitts Jr., Jessie Janeshek, Ezhno Martín, Sarah Greenleaf, and Max Mundan at http://13myna.blogspot.com/

"You are my strange insect - voice among red and black wires - bloodletting for relief - tilt from the timbers on metal prosthetics - steal the world from the butcher - i filled the space between my joints with fine green glitter - conveniently created a god to codify inequality - I become this siren-thing, mouth open because isn’t that what you want most? - Wake up, little earthling - The space between is the distance between two hands."

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