NEW in White Stag Journal / Behind The Presses!

Blood Pudding Press editor and poet, Juliet Cook, is incredibly delighted to be included in the new White Stag Journal Behind the Presses, which shares poems from poets who are also editors!
Her poem, "Out of Control" appears alongside poems by Lisa Marie Basile, Kristy Bowen, Megan Burns, Jeff Chon, Anthony Frame, Nichole Goff, Isobel O'Hare, Carleen Tibbetts, and Robert Andrew Perez.
"You didn't really deserve me on top
of you. I didn't deserve to be born
this way, unable to shut my own mouth,
filled with an ongoing expanse of stingers."

from Juliet Cook's poem, "Out of Control"

partake of more HERE - http://www.whitestagpublishing.com/juliet-cook.html

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