Malformed Confetti has arrived! (Juliet Cook's second individual full-length poetry book, published by Crisis Chronicles Press, October 2018)

Juliet Cook's second individual full-length poetry book has finally arrived (well, it will officially arrive next Tuesday), thank you very much to Crisis Chronicles Press and editor John Burroughs!
100+ pages. Poems by Cook ranging from 2008-2015. Cover art by Simona Candini. Strange and creative book blurbs written by Susan Yount, Kelly Boyker, Tracie Morell, Charles Cicirella, and Lisa M. Cole.
Find out more here via the link below - and if you live in the area, consider attending the book launch reading, happening next Tuesday, October 16 (and also linked to below).
Malformed Confetti - by Juliet Cook (CC#102)
Poetry Plus Featuring Juliet Cook 

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