Happy Poetry Month from Thirteen Myna Birds! The NEW April Flock Is HERE!

Happy Poetry Month from Thirteen Myna Birds!

This NEW April flock of Myna Birds features Latif Ba, L.B. Stringfellow, MISH, John D. Robinson, Nicholas Hayes, Daniel G. Snethen, Alexander P. Garza, and Felix Purat.

"In the dream, I am on the dark side - In manacles chafing ashy ankles and nails like wild flamingos - Here the dead live close to the living - I am troubled by the heaviness of being - I know it’s temporary, just like everything - all of it in a fifth of vodka or in the dizziness of speech - One who’s svelte becomes lumbering and oafish - He licks his teeth frantically trying to see if they are loose - with space to fill with truth - the spider-webby veins of gravity and time - where the leaves of trees become the dead wings of birds - A web of brain matter, rummaged through - That’s your gift? - the slop of undigested graves - how they seem to construct themselves - It’s astounding: how little time people spend with themselves - She's empty, running on empty - Just cold dead eye balls - gazing down aisles lined with radiant bottles of single malt whiskey, Barbadian rum, vodka white as snow - A sparrow is trapped in the terminal above in caged frustration its wings express a message - Crouching on the stoop, he becomes a gargoyle only to become stone. How else does one become permanent?"

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