Happy New Year from Blood Pudding Press!

How have we already reached the last day of 2019?!?!
A uniquely Happy New Year from me and my Blood Pudding Press!
If you would like the beginning of your New Year to be surrounded by some strange creepy wonderful irrational fearful doll-phobic poems, why not buy yourself a copy of the NEW Blood Pudding Press poetry chapbook, PEDIOPHOBIA by Daniel G. Snethen (with cover art by Josh Birrittieri) and help support a tiny indie small press and strange poetry?
Or choose another Blood Pudding Press poetry chapbook that sounds more interesting or appealing to you.
Find out a bit more about PEDIOPHOBIA and other Blood Pudding Press poetry chapbooks here - https://www.etsy.com/shop/BloodPuddingPress
"Cabbage Patch Doll tossed
Like salad in French dressing
Dead child dripping orange"

in the poem "Nightmare of Dolls" in PEDIOPHOBIA

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