NEW! Short Poems of Violence and Chickens! NEW from Blood Pudding Press, end of October 2022!

"They get hooked and are craving
the style of a carousel horse.
A beautiful ride filled with a lovely lineup
of colorful animals that were never alive.
Prettier than real life.

This broken pony ride
is a circle of girls who used to be
alive, might still be sort of.

Their bodies are mostly set pieces.
Their bodies are mostly props."

some lines from the poem "Model Pony Rides", in the NEW Blood Pudding Press poetry chapbook "Short Poems of Violence and Chickens" by Juliet Cook and Darryl Shupe

Find out more and/or acquire a copy for yourself in the Blood Pudding Press shop HERE - https://www.etsy.com/listing/1321276974/new-short-poems-of-violence-and-chickens

(It can also be purchased via Paypal by sending $10 to Julietcoo@gmail.com and including your cover preference and address).

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