"From One Ruined Human to Another" by Juliet Cook (new from CWP Collective Press, as of June 2018)!

Blood Pudding Press editor and poet Juliet Cook is extremely excited and delighted to announce...

I have a NEW poetry chapbook, "From One Ruined Human to Another", newly published and newly available from Cringe-Worthy Poets Collective!

This is my first new poetry chapbook to be published within the last three years, so those of you who hear me read poetry have probably encountered some of these poems in recent years.

For those of you who don't know my poetry, it isn't very pretty. Little girls coalesce into blobs of blood with ripped out hearts. Contaminated tissue, bible cysts, evil spells, slimy pus, disbelief in love, dead birds, dead hearts and other broken parts, doll torsos with broken heads, giant rat traps, stars filled with teeth broken from the molars, at least three different poems with pussy in them, lots and lots of blood and lots and lots of holes.

The chapbook contains 26 hideous pages worth of poems created by me AND two pieces of fantastically wonderful cover art created by poet/artist Craig Firsdon (one on the outside front cover and one on the inside front cover).

I'll share more photos and more information soon (because I received my own copies of this chapbook in the mail, this past weekend), but for now I am sharing a link to where you can acquire your very own copy of my new book, and I'm sharing some close up scans of Craig Firsdon's cover art!

If you're into my poetry (or are interested in checking it out), please support the press that chose to publish it!  For only 5 bucks plus shipping, you can get yourself a copy from CWP Collective and have a hand-designed book of 25 dark red poems and two fabulous pieces of unique art right in front of you. 

HERE! - https://www.cwpcollectivepress.com/bookstore-1/from-one-ruined-human-to-another

You can also buy other chapbooks from CWP too! 


As a small sample, here's the beginning of my poem "After the Lite Brite Died"

"Sometimes I'm not in the mood for light hearted.
Sometimes I'm not in the mood for light.
Sometimes I'd rather sit by myself in the dark.

Sometimes I only want the Lite Brite colors to be dark
red like a rare moon, red like the blood
that will make you back away from this
girl turning into a woman who will not keep her own red flow a secret anymore."

Outside front cover art created by Craig Firsdon 
Inside front cover art created by Craig Firsdon 

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