NEW Blood Pudding Press Poetry Chapbook - House On Fire by Susan Yount

House on Fire by Susan Yount is the first contest winning Blood Pudding Press poetry chapbook of 2014!

Cover Art by Lois Wills

Hand bound with artsy yarn, either fuzzy brown or multicolored.

Available with light tan or light mauve colored covers.

18 poems by Susan Yount, offering well-crafted crude, disturbing, upsetting, traumatic, sexy, perverted, squeamish, sad, tough, gross chicken clucking imbalance, sick eggs, farmerette abuse, and real life horror.

Below is the chapbook's title poem.

Buy the book to read more - http://www.etsy.com/listing/177825996/new-house-on-fire-by-susan-yount-2014?ref=shop_home_active_1

House on Fire

This house is kindling—
with a wood burning stove.
He has her hiding in the bathtub

where she shaved her legs twice today.
She can hear the cockatiel tweet.
He shoves trees into the stove.

Her mother is a gray bluebird
toasty in a tarnished coop.
She can hear the green fern carol,

This house is a pyre—
A hot ham poked with cloves.
He has her hiding in the goat pen

where she fed her goats twice today.
She can smell the rabbits fry
in black cast iron skillets and grease.

Her sister is a chicken breast
baked dry on a cracked glass tray.
She can hear the horseweeds sighing,

This family aflame—
Roast beef and potatoes.
He has her hiding in the maples

where she kills herself twice a day.
She can hear the red stream calling,
a shallow ditch swelling with pain.

Her father, a devil,
his pitchfork in the hay.
She can hear the damp grass whisper,

Your house ablaze, get out.

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