New Thirteen Myna Birds offering one teaser piece from each of the three recent Blood Pudding Press contest winners AND offerings from the three finalists!

The newly updated Thirteen Myna Birds is here - an extra-special addition, offering a sneak peak poem from each of the three recent winners of the Blood Pudding Press chapbook contest (Susan Yount, Paul David Adkins, and Alessandra Bava) AND a variety of poems from each of the three finalists (Donavon Davidson, Kelly Andrews, and Jay Sizemore). 

“when I buried the litter of Flemish Giants - fragments of skin stuffed - dusty corners made of shadows, webs, and a few bitten fingernails - two hostages, clerks the age of her kids - & a sliver of her bottom lip - gray dust worked into the crevices”

Dive in here - http://13myna.blogspot.com/

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