A NEW Review of a Vintage Blood Pudding Press poetry chapbook ("Girl Gang" by Juliet Cook)

Thank you to M. Earl Smith and Galatea Resurrects for this Blood Pudding Press review of the poetry chapbook, "Girl Gang" by Juliet Cook.
The next person who purchases a chapbook from Blood Pudding Press will have a free copy of "Girl Gang" thrown into your purchase. 
"The paradoxes within this group mirror the changes in society and how the ideas of feminism and sexuality are viewed. This volume is unafraid to be what it enjoys being, all while challenging the conventions of the past and the stereotypes of the present."
a snippet from the vintage review by M. Earl Smith of the Blood Pudding Press poetry chapbook, "Girl Gang", which was published in 2007.
The review was just published yesterday at Galatea Resurrects, but the reason it's vintage is because the chapbook is more than 10 years old. 😮
The reason this chapbook evaded the reviewer for so long might partly be because I've had it discontinued from the Blood Pudding Press shop for several years now.

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