Happy (Disturbingly Dark) 2020 from Thirteen Myna Birds! Dive into this new flock (the first of 2020) and try not to drown!

The first Thirteen Myna Birds Flock of 2020 has arrived and it is sad, dark, unsettling, spooky, and filled with dolls!

Sad broken hooked dolls filled with black holes and death!

Offering poetry and art by Daniel Snethen, Sandra Feen, John Grey, MISH, John Sweet, Ashley Cox, Eileen Murphy, Aaron Pride, and Wayne F Burke.

"through enameled bobbing horses against the centripetal force - You’re awakened in early light by blood dripping from the ceiling - Something's Up - the sound of baby bones breaking - in broken-down beds - I am a terminal node branched away from the circuit of perfection - my eyes crash through their sockets and I flail at the darkness - sometimes it hurts to be alone - Nurse, can you up the pain meds?"

lost boy by Ashley Cox and MISH

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