Happy (or hideous) December! Juliet Cook's new poetry chapbook, "Your Mouth Is Moving Backwards" is looking for new homes!

Happy December 2023! Juliet Cook is extremely excited, delighted, and thrilled to have her new poetry chapbook, "Your Mouth is Moving Backwards" officially available from the wonderful independent press, Ethel Zine & Micro Press!

"The doll with the stick figure heart
written on her torn shirt
and then erased.

The doll whose broken head begs for sanctuary
as she lives inside the garbage can, un-bagged,
praying she won't get completely thrown away.

Some of them were thrown down the stairs by others.
Some of them threw themselves down.
Some of them were shaken and dragged

by the mouths of dogs, smell like filthy
dried out saliva mixed with blood stains.
The dolls with eyes that will never be put back together."

in the poem "Some of the Dolls are Trapped in the Basement"

28 poems are waiting to creepily crawl their way into your brain or be given as a gift to a friend.

Find out more and/or acquire Cook's latest strangely crafted poetic mess HERE - https://www.ethelzine.com/shop/your-mouth-is-moving-backwards-by-juliet-cook

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