The NEW July Flock of Thirteen Myna Birds is HERE!

The NEW July flock of Thirteen Myna Birds has arrived! Offering poetry/art by David Henson - Wayne F Burke - MISH - Abigail Denton - Robert Beveridge - Darryl Shupe - Juliet Cook - Linda Umans.

Rats chewed through our foundation - the cadavers of all the women - the DNA particles from a lost love rise up in the feathers and re-break her heart - the crazy girl I thought I was rid of - The mother asked her daughter if she’d like to adopt another doll - The girl said she wanted one without a head - Some days I walk in the alcove between my face and my skull - Sometimes I feel like executing my brain - pages loved now crumbled - It’s no use thinking - I knew the answer before the question was asked - It wasn’t the first time I was murdered - I’m out to sea in a hurricane - the serial killer in your epiglottis sent down to the acid pit - suspicious of everyone - (the ones who are still speaking to me).
kangaroo court by MISH

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