The NEW March 2022 Flock of Thirteen Myna Birds is HERE

The NEW March flock of Thirteen Myna Birds is HERE! - https://13myna.blogspot.com/

With poetry by Lorna D. Keach, Lauren Reynolds, Kristin Garth, John Grey, Derek Lake Berghuis, Jan Ball, Maria Cameron, Meg Smith, Lillian Necakov, and art by MISH!

The ticket seller is asleep in his cage - my room had no window, only white liquor and a monsoon - the one who loves you shows you the trees full of hooks - like the leaf-light of the darkest forest - A room full of shrunken heads - with a gravel crunch and the click of teeth - willing to stand there skeletal but proud, with tiny brown corpses littered at their feet - more a death sentence, than impediment - Footsteps on their way and the figure could be skeletal, could be gaunt, could be anybody - I could see you becoming prey to some larger insect or bird - a wildness I’ve tried to hide, but can barely contain - I’m compelled to shelter Barbies in a plastic house inside a wooden one I own - Programmed and predictable, we are dominated by prayer - Behind the curtains of an invisible world - why would all your meat, be covered by a flimsy skin coat? - reflecting the thin arms of bare trees - The flaming sky signed our names in blood - The porcelain lamp shattered in your hand, and left no doubt - hearts holler joyfully into the black earth - tucked into the endoskeleton of your former lover - White light creeps into your eyes, where nothing lives.


Spring by MISH

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